Press Start

So here's the deal.

I love video games but I've missed a lot of the great ones. At some point, I made a huge list of games that I intended to play through and I've been doing that for the past few months. A friend suggested that I keep a log to track my progress through the list and so that's what this is.

For the most part, the posts will be horribly written reviews of the games that I play but I'll do my best to change it up from time to time. The scores given will be 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, X-Play style. Also, for the sake of trying to keep the thing interesting, I'm wiping the slate completely clean: every game I review will be one that I've gone through very recently.

I'm gonna try to keep it objective and within context, giving each game a fair shot. I'll also try to include pictures so this doesn't become yet another boring text-only blog. You'll probably notice that the games I'll be playing will exhibit heavy Nintendo bias. That's simply because I grew up a Nintendo kid and so those are the games that I know the most about. I'll diversify as time goes on, though.

I think this has the potential to be fun and I hope you enjoy following my journey. I didn't sufficiently waste my childhood so I'll have to just waste my adulthood to make up for it.

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