And welcome to the current incarnation of Critical Hits. Long dormant, this blog domain shall now resume, and the astute among you can likely guess this will concern RPG and tabletop gaming. As the title states, I strongly favor the 'old school' gaming of yore, so don't expect to find anything dealing with a certain bloated trading card company or its current incarnation of gaming's most popular franchise, now twisted beyond recognition as far as I'm concerned. But if names like 1e, Call of Cthulhu, Top Secret, Rolemaster, Gamma World, CyberPunk, and Pendragon tickle your fancy, I invite you to step in.

Before going any further let me extend a genuine thanks to Patrick, the original admin of this blog, who graciously and unselfishly handed over this blog's domain name when I asked. In this day in age where squatters hold onto even marginally viable domain names like their balls, it was a most courteous gesture, and I'll be leaving up the original two posts in his honor. Thanks!

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