Original artwork from Villans & Vigilantes 2.1 on the bay

My friend and gaming legend Jeff Dee has completed the newest edition of Villans and Vigilantes - check it out here. The system is still the same as the original 1982 version, so the old school aspect is all there for me.

Not only is Jeff an accomplished game designer, he's an artist too (Fiend Folio anyone?) and is letting go of some of the original illustrations from the new edition on teh ebay - Rad!

So if you are into collectable RPG art I can't imagine a better deal, especially for fans of the old school superhero games.

Check out the auctions for the two pieces now up!

There is Shatterman and Condor and Pharoah vs Ebony Angel


Shane Mangus said...

I loved V&V back in the day. I wish I still had those books! I will need to snag a copy of 2.1 to see what has been updated.

JD said...

Me too - those and a couple dozen other books I let go or fell apart over the decades. Man now that I think of it I haven't seen the old V&V books in years...