Just clearing out the closet, and some of these have to go

link action yo

I really wish I could just keep all my gaming books and stuff, and I probably would if I could suitably store a large collection, but I can't so periodically stuff has to go. Although I've read quite a bit my actual gaming library is rather modest, maybe 100 books all told, spread over about 30 games. The auction linked above are a bunch of 2e box sets, mainly Forgotten Realms stuff. It was actually fairly easy to put that up for sale because I hadn't really had them that long, they all came from a massive lot I got on the cheap from a guy clearing out his storage space. Seems the longer I hold on to something though the harder it is to get rid of it. Which is why I still have quite a few of the books I bought back in the 80's/90's. Except the Palladium books - got rid of those long ago!

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