Holy Snikes

Check this out. I was on ebay last night looking around for old gaming stuff, as I am wont to do, did a quick search for Gamma World, and look what popped up.

This, it is claimed, is the original painting for the cover of 2nd ed Gamma World by the late, insanely great Keith Parkinson. All I can say is wow. Parkinson was, as far as I'm concerned, the fantasy artist of an entire age. I wouldn't have ever looked twice at Rifts if not for his righteous cover art. This piece in particular, although the title escapes me, is one of my very favorite Parkinson works. The rider and his gleaming alloy armor and weapon, the cyborg bearcat, even the background landscape and blue sky come together for a very striking piece. I always wondered what the story was behind this figure and his ultra-cool riding beast was.

What's also intriguing is this is located in my own backyard, well, somewhere in the middle of Texas anyway. Which means even if i did pony up the $6300 the seller is asking they'd hit me for sales tax too (nice way to hook up your 'fellow texans' there bub). I'll be watching this one for sure and it will be interesting to see if a buyer steps up. Over 6 large is steep but a fair price I'd say, maybe even a bargain, for a Parkinson original like this one.

UPDATE: Looks like it sold for the asking price after all!

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Richard said...


I have wanted to buy a piece of original D&D art for a long time. I feel like it would be a little bit of history, unfortunately it tends to go for more than my meagre budget will stretch to. I noticed some Wayne England art on eBay though - a piece from the latest Player's Handbook 2 and managed to buy it. The weird thing is that it cost more to get it framed than the art itself cost. I'm proud to have it though no matter how small a piece of history it is. I really, really like Wayne England's stuff. Not old school maybe, but not over the top like some modern D&D art.

There's a LOT of Keith Parkinson RPG art I'd like to own!!